Online payments

Parents/guardians can make all online payments via Colegio Menor’s secure electronic payment portal which can be accessed through the “Online Payments” selection found on our school’s website.

As per school policy, we are unable to manage cash transactions on campus.

Payments Methods

The following payment methods are made available to Colegio Menor parents/guardians:

  1. We have agreements with the following credit card companies in order to offer payments, without interest, for up to 3, 6, 10, or 12 months: Diners Club, Visa-Pichincha, Visa and Mastercard-Produbanco, Visa and Mastercard-Banco Bolivariano, Pacificard,  American Express and Visa Banco Guayaquil.
  2. We accept Visa or Mastercard from any other bank or foreign bank by making transactions via BANCO DE GUAYAQUIL selection.  In this case it will be charged as a current payment.
  3. We have payment agreements with Banco Pichincha, Produbanco and Bolivariano. If you wish to pay through these banks we advise that you visit the nearest bank location with cash or check made out to “Colegio Menor” also making sure to indicate the associated Student Identification code. The bank will automatically notify the school that the deposit was made.
  4. We can also accept account or wired transfers under certain conditions. For further information regarding this payment method please write us at

Electronic Billing

Colegio Menor issues electronic invoices for its services. Typically, invoices are made out to the ID number of the student, in this way they can legally be used by the parent(s)/legal guardian(s). However, if you wish to change the name to whom the invoice is made, you can do it through our payment portal. Invoices are always made available on the student’s statement at the convenience of the parent/guardian.

If you are not longer a Colegio Menor parent/legal guardian you can obtain your electronic invoices HERE. Please note the username and password are the student ID number.



Our Admissions Team look forward to working with your family through every step of the Admissions Process.



Our two campuses (Quito and Samborondón) offer the best quality of Liberal Arts education, while also aiming to teach understanding, respect, and appreciation for Ecuadorian culture.

Student Life

Student Life

Colegio Menor students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, academic trips and community service projects that promote community spirit and life skills.

Administration Services

Administration Services

Access to all our administrative services in on place.