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At Colegio Menor Quito, our parents collaborate with our teachers to ensure our students have the best learning opportunities at school.

Here’s a collection of resources and useful information at our school, so your child will thrive with us.
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Policies and Documents

Important Documents


Whether your child is scoring goals on the soccer field or captivating an audience in a Model UN debate at Colegio Menor Quito, we let joy and curiosity guide their talents—so every step counts.  
At Colegio Menor Quito, we will encourage your child to get active and play sports to stay healthy and support their well-being. Your child will develop important teamwork, sportsmanship, and social skills while strengthening their athletic skills and abilities.  
From Elementary School, your child can begin their sports journey by choosing from basketball, soccer, volleyball, or other athletics. By Middle School, they can start their competitive sports journey by going through a try-outs process to represent Menor in challenging tournaments that will strengthen their teamwork skills and school pride.  
For our Elementary students specifically, we also offer a wide range of age-appropriate activities and sports provided by “Estudiantes de la Plata.” It's a company that brings the best teachers in specialized sports to our school for our children to play, learn, and have fun after school. They offer the following activities: skating, soccer, volleyball, art, gymnastics, and karate. 
A favorite leadership development activity at Colegio Menor is our Model United Nations club, which is a simulation of the UN General Assembly. Your child can perform as an ambassador during debates on pressing topics like gender equality, climate action, global health, and more.
Through the learning experiences and activities of our Model UN Club at Colegio Menor, your child will develop their confidence and leadership skills to prepare them for a future career of impact.
Every year, the club organizes and hosts our city’s biggest Model United Nations conference for three days on our campus. Our students meet and discuss current world issues with other students from all over the world. In turn, they develop crucial critical thinking and problem-solving skills, including public speaking on complex issues. 
The Green Movement—or as we call it at Colegio Menor, “Movimiento Verde”—is a club that will empower your child to participate in meaningful environmental activities and practices.
During the school year, your child can become an environmental activist by creating campaigns that help our community be more conscious about our planet.  
Your child can take part in our school recycling campaigns and learn about alternative practices to process our waste, such as composting.
The Operation Smile Club works together with the Ecuador non-profit organization of the same name to help provide surgeries for Ecuadorian children with cleft lips.
We are one among more than 900 Operation Smile student clubs at school- and university-level around the world. Your child can fundraise to change the lives of children with cleft lips and educate our whole community about their mission as Operation Smile delegates. 
The National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) will give your child the tools to use their knowledge to make this world a better place. 

If your child has achieved academic excellence during their time in Middle School and High School, they are invited to join these clubs.

At the beginning of the year, your child will start their service with an induction ceremony, where they pledge to stand by the principles of scholarship, service, leadership, and character in all their community service activities. 



At Colegio Menor Quito, we strive to ensure students have everything they need to thrive from day one.
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Our Cafeteria
Grupo HANASKA manages the Quito Campus cafeteria service. Grupo HANASKA has 40 years of experience in the commercial sector and 13 years of experience in schools. 
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Our medical staff is responsible for providing basic care (first aid) to our community and any person(s) on school premises during school activities or events.
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Our Transport
Colegio Menor provides door-to-door transportation services. With the On-Track application, our parents can track their children's live routes.  
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We offer student insurance benefits such as student grants, personal accident policies, and medical benefits.


To enhance our students’ learning and to keep our parents directly informed, at Colegio Menor Quito, we use a selection of market-leading education apps and technologies.

With these apps and portals, your child will showcase their learning; teachers will gain close insights to further personalize their education; and our parents have an open window into our classrooms, building a strong bridge between home life and class time.

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Online tuition payments
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Power School
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  • What is the school's daily schedule? 

    Playgroup and Pre-Kinder: 8:30 am to 12:45 pm

    Kinder to 1st Grade: 8:30 am to 2:45 pm

    2nd to 12th Grade: 7:45 am to 2:45 pm

    Extracurricular activities: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm 

  • How many students do you have per class and grade? 

    Early Childhood (Playground, Pre-Kinder, and Kinder): 18 children per class / 144 per grade.

    Early Childhood (1st Grade): 24 children per class / 144 per grade.

    Elementary to High School: 24 students per class / 144 per grade. 

  • Do students have to wear uniforms?
    No, students do not wear uniforms. However, we have a dress code for all our student community.
  • What are the academic sections of the school?

    Early Childhood: Playgroup, Pre-kinder, Kinder, and 1st Grade

    Elementary School: 2nd to 5th Grade

    Middle School: 6th to 8th Grade

    High School: 9th to 12th Grade

  • Do you have an extracurricular program?
    Yes, we do have an extracurricular program, which includes sports programs (like soccer, basketball, and volleyball) and non-sports activities. 
  • Do you have an Advanced Placement Program?
    Yes, we do! Our Advanced Placement (AP) program gives our students the opportunity to take college- or university-level courses, serving as ideal preparation for continuing their coursework at the university level. As a unique feature to the AP program, some of our students earn college credits while still in high school.
  • When does the admissions process begin?

    The admissions process begins in September and is open throughout the school year.

    Important: Start the process one year before the enrollment date.

  • Where is Colegio Menor Quito located?
    Campus Quito is in a residential area in the beautiful valley of Cumbayá.  We are very close to the Universidad San Francisco, the Cumbayá Reservoir Park, and the Paseo San Francisco shopping mall. 
    We’re looking forward to answering all your questions and welcoming your family to our school. If you would like additional information, please contact us at: 


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We’ll welcome you to our exciting campus so you’ll see firsthand what it’s like to be a Colegio Menor student.

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