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Living in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located on South America’s west coast, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Ecuador also includes the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific, about 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) west of the mainland. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands.

In the Andean foothills at an elevation of 2,850m, Quito, the capital, is known for having one of the largest, least-altered and best-preserved historic centers in the Americas. Quito was the first World Cultural Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1978 and has been recognized as “Best Leading Destination in South America” by the World Travel Awards since 2013.

Guayaquil, is the largest and the most populous city in Ecuador, with around 2.69 million people in the metropolitan area, as well as the nation’s main port. It is the commercial and industrial center of Ecuador and was recognized in 2016, as “Best South America’s Leading Business Travel Destination” by the World Travel Awards. Samborondón is one of the cantons of Guayas province in Ecuador. With a population of 100.000 inhabitants, Samborondón is one of the most exclusive residential and entertainment districts in Ecuador.

Our Teachers


“Because it is a unique place where you can find all in one.. professional growth, amazing coworkers, structurated leadership, a place where dreams come true!.” Ana Cristina Montalvo (Campus Samborondón) “Because I know that whenever someone asks me about Menor or why I would not prefer to work at another school, the faculty of active learners and “practicers” is what I always think of.””.

– Ashley Hillier (Campus Quito)


Because Colegio Menor is the best school in Ecuador. Is the only Liberal Arts school, so many electives available, we have the Goodness, Beauty and Truth and Persuit of Excellence prices.

– Sandra Andrade (Campus Quito)


Working at Colegio Menor is a total adventure. You walk into a beautiful campus, with colorful buildings that resemble the personalities of all the people that work and learn here. It is a place full of positive energy and excitement. The students that walk in this building are loving, and eager to learn. They care about you, not only as their teacher, but as a person that has an impact in their lives. Students want to spend time with you and always have a question to ask or a story to tell. Every staff member is willing to lend a hand and guide you. At Menor you feel listened, you feel valued, and you feel you have time to be creative and enjoy with colleagues inside and outside of school

– Dana Olbrantz (Campus Quito)


At Menor, “you” are special. Every teacher is cared for and made to feel that their work and effort are appreciated. Menor provides teachers with the support they need to be successful in the classroom. For foreign hires, this level of support goes above and beyond, not with just making the transition to Ecuador, but also the continued day to day assistance throughout the year. From your fellow teachers, to your area principal, to the administrative team, they are always there for you. They become your family, your “home away from home.

– Kristin Godleski (Campus Quito)


Colegio Menor es un colegio que tiene un excelente clima laboral, tiene muchos recursos para trabajar con los niños, las instalaciones son excelentes y está rodeado de naturaleza y espacios verdes. Es un trabajo exigente si quieres dedicarte a hacer las cosas bien. Es un trabajo que te da oportunidades de crecer y son abiertos a los cambios. El personal es gente capacitada con la que puedes enriquecerte y hacer un trabajo en equipo para lograr la excelencia educativa.

– Melina Romero (Campus Quito)

Our Students


Colegio Menor students are enthusiastic learners who are curious and outgoing. They seek new challenges and use their creativity daily. This creativity is what will prepare students for life beyond the classrooms. Most importantly, our students are good citizens who demonstrate their character counts by working together with their peers and teachers.

– Krizia Loffredo (Campus Samborondón)


Los estudiantes del Colegio Menor son organizados, respetuosos y se desenvuelven en un ambiente donde su pensamiento crítico se encuentra en permanente desarrollo. Tienen mucho gusto por los deportes y por las artes.

– Ana Rivas (Campus Quito)


Colegio Menor students are the best! As a Lower School teacher at Menor, you always feel special. It is refreshing to see the enthusiasm and energy they bring to the classroom on a daily basis. The students at Menor are dedicated to their own learning. They are highly motivated and persistent in their schoolwork. They are committed to sharing their knowledge, both inside and outside the classroom. It is great to teach such eager students!

– Amanda Godleski (Campus Quito)

Our Schools

Campus Quito


Our two campuses (Quito and Samborondón) offer the best quality of Liberal Arts education, while also aiming to teach understanding, respect, and appreciation for Ecuadorian culture.

Campus Samborondón

About us

About Us

Colegio Menor is a private and bilingual (English/Spanish) school, founded in 1995. It began with its original campus in the city of Quito and expanded to include the Samborondón Campus. Colegio Menor is proud to be a part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools.

Work with Us

Work with Us

Colegio Menor is a great place to work! Our team is provided the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. We know what an important responsibility it is to guide and shape younger generations.