Andrew was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His interest in private education, Latin America, and language development are products of his personal experience, academic preparation and professional experiences.  He earned a graduate degree in International Education at Harvard University. His other academic work includes advanced graduate studies in Latin American History, Organizational Leadership and Educational Administration. 

Andrew taught elementary, middle and high school students in a variety of settings and has also served as a community college instructor and university professor. He is actively involved in school improvement efforts and accreditation in Latin America as a Consultant and Quality Assurance Review Team member for AdvancED (Cognia). 

Andrew led three different school communities in Latin America.  Andrew returns as the General Director at Colegio Menor Quito, a Nord Anglia Education school focused on providing an English based Liberal Arts education to Ecuadorian families committed to contemporary learning and preparation for university studies. 

Patiently supported by a wonderful teacher and a terrific wife of twenty years, Tisa Rodriguez, Andrew also enjoys his time as a father to Sofia Salome and Ilan Cayetano, proud citizens of both the United States and Mexico.

Combining his passion for education, with all the experience and knowledge, Andrew wants to share through this blog, personal anecdotes, best practices and information on his own educational philosophy,  that can inspire others to immerse themselves in the world of education.