Student life

Community Service

Community Service is very important work for our students and our staff. Every year we get involved in a variety of volunteer activities with neighboring communities.

Our work with senior citizens of Cumbayá and our connection with various foundations such as Habitat for Humanity has allowed us to continually involve our students in community service.

Extra-curricular Activities

Colegio Menor students participate in over 20 extracurricular activities which include sports, music, Model United Nations (MUN), community service, Destination Imagination, robotics and student government. Participation in extracurricular activities promotes community spirit and life skills in our students.

Exchange Programs

Every year Colegio Menor offers two short term international exchange programs, in which participating students (grades 8, 9, and 10) become acquainted with and more conscientious about various aspects of different cultures (language, music, food, personal habits, beliefs, values, etc.), expand their view of the world through exposure to new ideas and perspectives, become more independent by removing them from their comfort zones, and develop skills that cannot be learned in the classroom.



Our Admissions Team look forward to working with your family through every step of the Admissions Process.



Our two campuses (Quito and Samborondón) offer the best quality of Liberal Arts education, while also aiming to teach understanding, respect, and appreciation for Ecuadorian culture.

Student Life

Student Life

Colegio Menor students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, academic trips and community service projects that promote community spirit and life skills.

Administration Services

Administration Services

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