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At Menor, we recycle! by Ana Sofía Whittembury

March 14, 2022

Movimiento Verde’s recycling bin renovation is finally ready.

Recycling has been an important part of Colegio Menor’s commitment to our planet’s preservation and helping reduce our carbon footprint. For some years now, the “Área de Reciclaje” in the parking zone has been available for all members of the Menor community. Only last month, we successfully gathered 500 kg of waste ranging from paper to electronic materials.

As part of the renovation process, we have decided to update the labels on the bins with new designs and more details about which kinds of waste we can recycle in each one of them:

– Plastics: PET bottles (water and sodas), HDPE containers (yogurt, detergent, shampoo, etc.), plastic envelopes washed and compacted.
– Tetra Pak: Juice, milk, oat containers washed and compacted.
– Glass and cans: washed.
– Paper and cardboard: White paper, cardboard boxes, egg cartons/trays, toilet paper tubes, newspapers, magazines, notebook paper, etc. All clean.

As a community, we also have been collaborating with the Fundación Botellas de Amor, making up the 35% of our entire recycling output last month, 150 kg. This led to the decision of also including a bin directed only to the Botellas de Amor.

According to the monthly reports, an average of 200 kg of common waste that cannot be recycled are dumped in the “Área de Reciclaje” monthly, impeding our goal of having a recycling station available for the community. Because of this, we’re leaving a quick guide on how to select the waste brought to the station:

1. Clean the products to be recycled before a more specific classification.
2. Divide the clean products into separated bags according to the bin they will go in.
3. Please do not mix products between bins or bag them with common waste.
4. In case of questions, please contact Monica.Sarzosa@menoruio.edu.ecfor more information on which materials are included in our recycling station.

Mónica Sarzosa, our Head of Facilities and a major part of this project, stated that “although recycling is not easy, we must inform the past, present, and future generations of Menor students on the importance recycling has in our lives”.

With your help, we are sure to avoid misclassification and achieve an optimal recycling station, a true impact on our world’s critical situation.



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